Week 2 – 8 March

This week I made the “I’m fine” project! The phrase “I’m fine” as a standard, boring and kind of passive response to the more general greeting “How are you?” seems to fit into the prompt of the project – share loneliness and save us from the boredom (?).

I created the submission window through my website. It is very word-y at the moment. I would love to make it a little more illustrated.


Submission link with details of how it is going to run
Submission window

To recap, the project is about sharing loneliness and sharing empathy by sharing stories of loneliness, social awkwardness, the feeling of isolation and joy. I ask for inspirations from contributers (source materials = stories) and reimagine the narrative in drawings. The drawing will be done on a postcard and eventually the contributers will all receive one of other people’s stories. In this way, we get to know a little about one another by exchanging our experiences in loneliness.

I want to circulate only a few stories + illustrations from a small group of people in each round. This is because I personally cannot handle too many in a short amount of time. Perhaps in the future, I can try to do a bigger group. It may results in a slower turnaround though.

I am happy with the results. I may add colours to them in the next round. I don’t think I will be able to print on cards yet. (My printer can’t handle thick cards + every drawing is one and only so I can’t save money from mass producing the cards from a print shop)

Currently I am re-writing a brief for the project. It started with a focus on feelings/emotions but it seems to be more about the methodology – how I get prompts from others. These will be quite different directions.

If the project ended up focusing on the feeling side, I am planning on adding content on its platform (website for example.) If this project does h.e.l.p. / comfort others, I may add resources in relations to tackling loneliness such as a reading list, good podcasts, charities that does work about it. Also, perhaps I will reach out to others (submissions, charities, art council, ual etc) to get it published so more people can reach this project and play.

If the project ended up focusing on methodology, I plan to find ways to expand the audience. The more source materials the better. Can this project move forward and be published somewhere other than Instagram? Maybe I will dm people about it.

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