Week 23 Feb – 1 Mar

This week’s big task is to figure out my line of enquiry. I was advised to think of some enquiry to structure and put all the little work together. It is basically the same question from last week, the week before, and the many weeks before. I had a hard time articulating what I do, not how I am doing it.

SO, it started from my current artist statement. “My work challenges the viewers to find the humour in those on-the-brink situations. It celebrates our embarrassing, near-pathetic moments and presents an alternative, humourous perspective.

I need something a bit more specific so I can work on it in the next two weeks. I need an AIM and a WHY


I explore the development of a visual language that engages with social awkwardness, embarrassment, feelings of inadequacy within intimacy.


I hope that, through presenting an open and honest investigation of these feelings, that are often hidden and internalised, we can mitigate how isolated we can feel in social settings.


Inspire pathos/empathy

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