Week 28 Nov – 3 Nov

Week 28 Nov – 3 Nov

This week I took the advice from the last crit and worked on the following things:
1/ Angle, position and scale of the drawings
2/ Use text without swear words

During this week, I picked three images from the previous drawings to iterate and reiterate.
The three drawings are: You, My foolishness and I wish you have no arsehole in your next life.

They best represent the three different categories discovered from last week, which were a/ Comment about myself, b/ Comment about others and c/ Curse directed to others.

It’s not easy to redo the same theme/topic repeatedly.
The first idea is always the work that makes me most comfortable to work with. Rethinking a work feels like if someone is trying to push open a very heavy door.

I noticed that I have changed how I draw. I added more details, used a different facial expressions, enlarged a certain part of the character to exaggerate/put it on focus.

Details make it easier for audience to read the image. It is more familiar to us since the drawing is closer to the impression of an object.

Having said that, I still need to work on the polished output, instead of drafts.

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