Week 21 Oct – 28 Oct

21 Oct 2020 / Group Crit

I took one of the advice from Jayoon and decided to work on the tune of the illustrations. I have always worked a mild cute tone, trying my best not to offend anyone in the jokes I made. It sounds super interesting to set a different tone of voice in the exercise.

In this triangular exercise, I will make a

4 paged tabloid newspaper through conversation or interaction with other people about [confusion/anger/embarrassment/dislocation/greed]

24 Oct 2020

Considered using swearing words like cunts (ref: mr bingo)
But I felt uncomfortable using them because the swearing words that were considered the worst/most offensive are all words of women’s genitals – cunt, twat etc
Why are the names of women’s genitals abused not men’s?
I mean there is “dickhead” but it was considered fairly mild, kind of like “bastards”.

If I want to make drawings more offensive, I could either work on the drawing style or the text.
Drawing style is pretty straightforward – the uglier the characters/ scene is, the “more disturbing” the drawing seems.
Does “disturbing” equals to “offensive”?

Text wise – is harder to explain. At this point (24 Oct 2020), it seems that the bigger the contrast between the drawing and the text, the more disturbing it seems.

Also I tried using first person speech vs third person speech. When the speech is towards others aka sentence starting with “You”, the more bothersome/crisp it seems. It was like trolling others. If the sentence starts with “ I”, the story is about me and my life only. I troll myself to a point it seems more pathetic than offensive.

Next I will keep iterating. Meanwhile I will trace these drawings digitally and anologuely – find a way to polish and present the offensiveness.

26 Oct 2020 / Joke
Omg he is so straight
and no I dont want him for any of you girls

27 Oct 2020

I had been collecting materials whenever I was in a conversation – pubs, uni studio, home etc. I did numerous drawings and recreate a gag out of them. I wanted to look at them again as an overview, hoping that would give me more insights. So I put the ones of similar themes together.

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