Week 15th – 21st April

This week, I wrote a brief plan on ways to reach a wider audience. It includes a list of names/creators/studios/non-profit groups to message soon. I also started a new Instagram account to present to others.



Current to-do:

  1. Pitch
  2. Draw, scan, send

– List of agents, studios, people you want people to get involved in

– Draft the pitch

– Leaflats for neignbours to get out of uni circle

– Start a new instagram account

– Post an image a day

Can I take this outdoors?

Old spitalfields market —> workshop space (submission box?/post box)

How about the project lives outdoors for a weekend?

Submit the existing things (https://imgur.com/gallery/zYAop)

Mental heath charities : MIND

Reference: If I could change the world

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