Week 26 Jan – 1 Feb

This week I did some overview of my work from 2018 – 2021, so as to identify some of the common themes in them.

  • Small crisis in daily lives
  • Awkward/depress/a little sad
  • Situation that only happen in your head
  • Pervert
  • Moments of peace and love
  • Angry moments
  • Climate crisis related

And then I realised the illustrations have some common things: some are responses of the event, some are honest/not-so-honest look of the event, some are conversations about the event.

Now that I made these booklets of themes. I am thinking of picking one or two themes to work on in the next four weeks.

I also made booklets to show/find narratives in emojis, emoji drawings and writings. The booklets are like comics but the process starts from collecting emojis from others, draw from emojis, write from those emojis, then draw and write. Repeat.

Here are some examples.

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